Booking Conditions

Please note the following conditions to booking a stay at Rockhall:

  • Membership: We accept bookings from members of the BMC and Mountaineering Scotland and their affiliated clubs and organisations. Only the person making the booking needs to be a member.
  • Booking status: Bookings are provisional until accepted.
  • Weekends: These are very popular so we only accept bookings for both a Friday and Saturday together, all 12 beds, both nights.
  • Under 18s in group?: Please book the number of Under 18 places you need. We can only accept mixed groups of Under 18s if accompanied by their parents/guardians, because Rockhall only has two separate sleeping areas.
  • Payment: We don’t require a deposit but payment in full is due at the latest by one month before the booking date or, if the booking is less than one month away, immediately.